Axe Mate Club - the throwing games

Wrapped old town

Less than a month before the opening of the club, we commissioned an advertising campaign with an invitation to the opening. On this occasion, we decided to dedicate this ceremony to financial support for Ukraine.

| 15.03.2022 |

Visual advert

Now you cannot miss us, we are visible not only during the day, but also after dark. throwing axes, knives, kunai, shuriken.

| 31.03.2022 |

Grand opening

April 1, 2022 is a date that will be remembered deeply in our memory ... We were visited by over forty guests, and the shields on all activities were red-hot!

| 01.04.2022 |

Shooting range, shooting

This word could be changed for all instances and interpreted differently. The facts are that we have launched a new activity - shooting.

| 10.04.2022 |

Integration events

Integration corporate events are something we like very much. The feeling when we see broad smiles on the faces of our guests confirms that the effort we put in makes sense.

| 10.04.2022 |


The World Ax Throwing League is the largest ax throwing league in the world. It associates clubs all over the world. Now at Axe Mate Club, you can take part in the official WATL competitions, where the prize pools are guaranteed.

| 20.04.2022 |