Axe Mate Club - the throwing games

Team building

Plan an activity that your colleagues will talk about for many years to come!

There is something about throwing an ax that connects people, especially when it comes to our corporate events.

With us, you can move into the atmosphere corresponding to the leitmotif of the event ... regardless of whether it is a Viking, lumberjack, ninja competition, Indian atmosphere, gangster settlements or military maneuvers.
Intended for groups from 6 to 50 people, 1.5 hours of crazy fun are the most popular way to build relationships in a team.
You will have separate zones for your group with plenty of space. Our instructors will introduce you and start with 1v1 training to keep everyone shooting and throwing safely and accurately. After training, you will play warm-up matches with each other to improve your skills. Then our instructors will lead you through a friendly tournament to choose a master in throwing axes, knives or any other selected game.

In addition, to commemorate the entire event, our marketing will help you plan everything: catering, t-shirts, gifts and even a trophy for
the winners!

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