Axe Mate Club - the throwing games


Who is not into shooting ... ​You can test yourself in shooting with the use of high-quality wind weapons. This is the perfect way to test your skills and accurate eye, in safe conditions on a specially prepared shooting range.
You will have the opportunity to fire the CZ 75 pistol in the P-07 Duty version. Thanks to the Blow Back system, each pull of the trigger causes the bolt recoil, and the muzzle velocity of 110 m / s of 4.5 mm caliber shot will provide you with an unforgettable experience and precision of the shot.


​Viking axe

​It is a large axe reminiscent of those used by the Vikings. In this variant, throws are done with both hands.



​Is a hatchet modeled on those used by the North American Indians, modern and specially designed for professional throwing to the target.



​It is based on a traditional ninja weapon, ended with a ring, which, after attaching a rope, could be used as a climbing hook.



​Typical ninja weapon, the so-called an asterisk indicates a blade hidden in the hand. There were about twenty types of this weapon, which differed, among others, in number of arms.


​Sports knife

​A sports throwing knife specially designed by WKTL, as part of international tournaments organized by the Canadian WKTL or the European league.


Throwing cards

​We don't think there is a person in the world who wouldn't play cards, but... is it possible to throw cards at the dart board?

Here you will find the answer to this question! 
Check if this game will be yours!

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​Slingshot shooting

​Another attraction is now available!
You will check how much you remember from your school days, when the slingshot was on top!
Perfect discipline for adults and children! 
Cans are scored from 1 to 10. 
Come and make some noise!

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​Popular shuttlecocks are not only well-known entertainment, but also a professional sport. The games in this discipline are very popular, and the prize pool for the main prize can reach approximately 250,000 PLN



​From the nineteenth century from traditional archery, there has been an evolution to sports archery.
In this regard, we have the ambition to create our own team and take part in competitions for amateurs.