Axe Mate Club - the throwing games


Some definitions:

A match is a set of ten throws

A track is a set of two shields used for competition

A shield is a panel of wood with shield circles drawn on it that are assigned to one thrower

Sudden death kicks are used in the event of a tie at the end of one game. Points are not counted or added up during sudden death.

Purpose description:

Bullseye has six points and is defined by a solid red circle surrounded by a black circle in the center of the dial.

Concentric circles then surround a 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point dial, with the lower point values further from the center of the dial.

Killshot is worth 8 points and is a blue circle. It may be called twice during any throws in a single match. It is also used during the Sudden Death Round.


Each year is divided into 4 eight-week "seasons" with a 3-4 week break.


These seasons coincide with those in the Northern Hemisphere.


Each season there are 7 weeks of regular matches culminating in a tournament in week 8. Each week in the league can be played on any day, but the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

Week 8 is the playoffs to see the champion in the double-elimination bracket.

Leagues must be held on specific, sanctioned season dates, published by the ​(OLRS.AMC). Throughout the season, results are uploaded the same week they are finished.

Each player plays 4 matches each league week. All four games are 40 throws per week.

The league is usually scheduled to run the same night every week to allow league players to set their personal schedules

According to of the Rules, if three weeks are missed and not made up, players will not qualify for the playoffs.


The week 7 overall standings are the starting point for the playoffs, which are the double-eliminated bracket playoffs.

It's best to think of the first 7 weeks as qualifying for the Week 8 Playoff.

Double elimination means that each person has to lose twice. After losing the first game, players are moved to bracket B to be placed in the final position.

Additionally, the winner of the B-bracket proceeds to the final round with the winner.

From the rule book:

The final round of the championship is between the winner of the A bracket and the winner of the B bracket of 3 matches. It allows one training throw between each match.

Winner: Will be the first person to win 2 of 3 rounds.

The Category A winner must lose twice for the Category B winner to win the championship.

This means that if winner B defeats Winner A in a three-win game, he must play another win-win game of three for the group B winner to win the championship.

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Before the start of the first week of the league:

All new axes that have not yet been weighed during the season are weighed

Check the documents that all exemptions, liability forms etc. are complete

Create a new season in the application and add all players to it.

Be sure to have fun!

It is recommended that you do a training session and log in in the first hour. One hour of practice within the league is the standard. Each person receives ten throws and then moves to the back of the line. Players do not have to participate in training.

Before the start of the night of the week, announcements and announcements are made:

Promotions / business announcements

Community Announcements

League announcements for the season

Overview of all rules

Question and answer


The app is mandatory for use in all official leagues and tournaments.

In the event of technical errors, the results must be entered into the application within 48 hours of the evening of the league.